Irene Noble | 6Long Pediatric Hospital Medicine and Nursing Team (and friends/family)

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

I am very excited to be participating in the Hard Hat Walk supporting UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay! I am grateful for your donation and so are all the patients and employees of UCSF Medical Center.

$170 toward my $100 goal


Thank you donors
Cynthia de la Rosa : $50
Ervin Cabuhat : $25
Good Luck BF!!
Deanna Agmata : $20
You're amazing! Go girl go! Hey - where's Kingsley's page? I'm trying to donate for that little cutie patootie. :)
Sunshine Noriega : $20
Cristina Daco : $25
Good luck Nobles!
Michele Segal : $5
Thanks for representing us!